Mad props or fishing for votes?


This article printed in the Globe and Mail on November 27th, 2006 really drives me.

I think it’s really nice of Gordon Campbell to give some props to First Nations people (what a guy!), and take away the attention from the Quebecoise for a minute. But I think he’s rather presumptuous to say that First Nations people should be recognized as their own nation.

Um, last time I checked First Nation people already thought that, and didn’t really give two shits if the rest of Canada did or not.

It’s great that Canadian leaders are willing to recognize First Nations as their own “nation”, it’s only taken them, what? 300 years. Don’t pretend like it was all your idea.

“Campbell is calling on Ottawa to extend the same acknowledgment of Quebeckers as a nation within Canada to the country's aboriginal peoples”

He’s calling on Ottawa? How noble. I’m sorry, but that is hilarious.

Quit trying to sway minority voters your way, Campbell!

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