Show three

Suck on that, night two


My day starts with a trip to Mic Mac Mall where I find a Herald and see that Stephen Pedersen, who was even there on opening night and not the meh night, has shot a big hole in the show. He really did not dig it at all. "It is a musical, we are the victims." Um.

I've never seen the phrase "the only redeeming quality" associated with my name (and not even my name, he was talking about that damn Mike Fleury's dancing skills). Everything he hates is directly associated with me -- the busker device, staging, writing -- but he never calls me out personally for it, which I find interesting.

The view from the other side is foggy. I feel like a crappy band for half the day and hope no one in the cast has a Herald subscription.

Doesn't matter because we sell out for the third night running. My family is in the audience, as a are a bunch of the cast's friends. John Mullane is the busker tonight, and he plays Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" and it sets the tone instantly, and I know even before Steph enters that we will have a great show.

And we do, best one so far. Everyone is clearly having fun with it, and even a couple missed lines and unintentional handcuff comedy go over incredibly. This time the cast returns for an encore.

Post-show revelry at Tribeca is spirited and easygoing.

Eat it, Saturday.

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