Super Nova - Week 2

Oh, the shame!


I saw Stan Carew and the Magpies last night, and I couldn’t help noticing that there were more people in attendance at that concert than there had been at any of the plays I have seen so far at SuperNova.

The evening deserved to have a big audience—those guys can really play and Stan’s storytelling made the show flow very pleasantly. But, I am really disappointed by the lack of support shown by the people of HRM for the rest of the festival.

Look, I know there’s a big hockey tournament going on, but you can’t tell me that if there weren’t, the seats at Alderney Landing would be filled.

So, I have a few suggestions for getting people out to next year’s festival:

1. The PR department of Eastern Front should give away tickets to local schools for the children’s performances that happen during school hours. The festival wouldn’t be losing money—the theatre was practically empty for last week’s Rough House—and at least the talent from away would think that they were visiting a cultured city.2. Local politicians should do more than just buy space in the program. Why don’t they lead by example and bring their friends and families to see the great shows being offered? (I do expect that the politicians will be out in full force at tomorrow’s premiere of In Pink, since it is sponsored by Democracy 250 with government dollars. Wouldn’t want to miss a good photo op!)3. People need to turn off their televisions every now and then. Yes, live theatre can be challenging, but the rewards are worth it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll put food on the table for some of this city’s amazingly talented artists.

Hope to see you at SuperNova!

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