black hair products locked up.

apparently a drug store has black hair products locked up. excuse me, what are black hair products? funny I have never heard of black hair products. hair products are generally intened for people with specific hair, not skin colors. This seems to be a case of crying wolf. perhaps they are locked up because they are often stolen, If I owned a store I would lock p things that are constantly stolen. just like mens razors at walmart. Is walmart sexist For locking up mens razors and not female razors?

The truth of the matter is that racism is an unfortunate occurance in our society. one I would hope that is on its way out. however, citing racism at the drop of a hat is exactly the type of behaviour that breeds animosity.

africville was a tragic example of the city appropriating land that was populated by poor people. poor black people. The same thing happened to the small farm town that once stood where burnside industrial park now stands. those were also people unable to stop the city from taking their land. they were offered little compensation. and those peole were poor and white. people make a racial issue out of what should have been a poverty issue. I am not saying there was not a racist attitude prevailing during the times. I am however saying that black white, red, green, brown. its easy to talk about color if your looking for it.

Skin color is the last thing I look for.

---green and blue

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