Getting some weight off my chest

A note to the Skinny Bitch bitch posted on Feb. 2nd.

I understand!

Although I don't get flak from my friends for being tall and thin -- I am getting bloody FED UP with the bold remarks from colleagues and relatives about my weight.

Tell me, concerned relatives, HOW do you want me to respond to your reprimanding statements of, "You're looking thin”; "Stand sideways, and you'll disappear!"; "You'd really look better if you gained 10 pounds."

The almighty effing gall!

I am insulted, and exhausted from defending myself. Just accept the fact that I have a different body type, metabolism, and lifestyle. Were I overweight, I can't imagine you'd ever volunteer your smug criticism so willingly. Please just accept that:

- I have consulted a nutritionist to ensure I'm getting enough calories. And I am. I don't need a steak; I need you to eat your words instead.

- I NEVER skip a meal; I eat small ones--and frequently, so my blood sugar levels don't go all wonky.

- I am tall and happen to have a small waist. Since I can't coax my bones into a more "average" form, give it up with your comparisons! Your remarks may come from concern, but they’re masked as concern for my weight while you’re likely more bothered by your own.

- TRUST that since I'm adult who has proven herself capable, I can continue taking care of myself. I do not have - nor have I ever had - an eating disorder, so STOP using my body as fuel for your gossipy assumptions.

-I am healthy and naturally energetic. I am in constant motion, and as you can see, I put something into my mouth at least every hour. Just because I don’t dig into three large meals a day, doesn’t mean that my choices are unhealthy or unwise – they’re just different.

So then, may I take this opportunity to wrap this up with a bitchin’, Big Bird-bona-fide lyrical conclusion:

“Different People, Different Ways.” Eat your heart out, you with your unsavoury remarks.

Oh, and since this is an acceptable forum: fuck. McFuck FUCK, fuckitty-fuck-fuck. Mm, that's better.

---Eat your words

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