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For years now I have sat by and watched you move through the innocent and beautiful ladies of Halifax like a wild fire, and although YOU might think they're all crazy (your words not mine) I must admit they certainly seem to love you. *GAG*

I too was like them, blinded by your witty charm, good looks, charisma and style. However I, unlike the rest of the ladies have figured out that "Pandora's Box" you call a personality. While you thought you were creating a mystery, I simply saw you pretending to be something your not. I don't know what your problem is or what you’re so afraid of.

I used to think that your mother must have locked you in a room until you hit puberty or perhaps you were abducted by a feminist group and held hostage for a few months. These thoughts however humorous and outlandish, gave me comfort that there was real reasoning behind your woman hating ways.

But the simple truth is this, you don't hate women you hate yourself and you don't want anyone to know the real you because the real you is a nerdy, selfish, asshole.

So take your mint chocolate chip ice-cream and SHOVE IT. Stop hitting on every girl I know because let me be the first to tell you that we are ALL on to you, because guess what!! Girls talk and we don’t just talk we compare notes, and it seems your pathetic story is always the same; poor misunderstood you.

Stop pretending you’re this brooding musician type, we all know your NOT jaded, honorable, misunderstood and you’re hardly shy or insecure. You’re really just a cocky, spoiled little shit. There are people in this world with real problems, real reasons to be jaded, you my friend have it made.

My advice for you in the future is just be honest with your shady ways, the ladies would appreciate it, and just stop dating all together and leading people on because guess what people might actually stop hating you if you weren’t such a conceited, fake, jerk.

My condolences to the sweet and gentle woman you end up with next weekend.

---I could never be your woman

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