tired of your lazy ass

This is a bitch about pregnant women and how I have to do the work of one particular woman that is now "unable" to.

youre just 14 weeks pregnant, youre as fat as youve always been, but ive been doing half of your job for 5 weeks now. honestly...im fucking sick of it. if you find yourself having trouble doing your job at just 3.5 months pregnant, go off work and wallow in bed.

now if that sounds callous to you...fuck off. why should my workload be increased by 50% because my coworker made a life choice. if i made a choice to become an alcoholic would you do my work when i was hungover every morning?

ive known women that take brisk walks, done mild workouts, and have had little negative effect on everyday life up to 7-8 months of pregnancy. you seem to be content on getting even fatter, puttin on 90lbs and becoming generally useless.

so again, if you cant do your job...go the fuck home. im beginning to reach the heights of my tolerance level.


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