A Note to Management

If one is to judge from your rhetoric, nothing is ever done correctly around here. It is based upon this that I assume that very rarely, if ever, does anyone here do anything even hardly adequate, much less commendable, in the simple, unchallenging position of working at the front desk.

Even if you were managing the most inept, unproductive, and blundering group of staff imaginable, the simple task of commending them on job well done will do wonders for your own job.

Now I understand the importance of being pro-active about constant and consistent improvement of your staff's skills and this place's performance. However, in the entire time I have worked here, not only am I and everyone else still feeling the repercussions of terrible training, but rarely do I know how well I am doing my job, both from my colleagues and my superiors. I do know however, that this place's performance and rating from clients has skyrocketed in the past few months since you hired the group of us.

Furthermore, in the instances of management continually making suggestions and offering criticism of how we should do our job, I can't help but often notice that they know little to nothing of what we do at the front desk, and what the job truly entails. Indeed, when I have to witness a manager attempting to do my job, it usually causes embarrassment and more problems for them, the clients, and myself. Yet they insist that they know how to solve the problem, and even more so, insist that I do it their way - even though in my experience and that of my colleagues, it is often the most inefficient, unproductive, and clumsy way.

What I am trying to bring to your attention, sirs and madams, is that a little bit of acknowledgment goes a long way. If we never receive acknowledgment for what we do right, why should we choose to continue putting all that extra effort? Furthermore, why should we continue to value the importance of self-improvement when we never know when we are doing something right, only when we're doing something wrong?

I commend you for your efforts to improve the quality of the workplace and our skills, but one of the best management rules is also the simplest: treat your staff well and they will treat you even better.

Good luck managing this place with all your best staff leaving you!

---Self-Righteous Soon to be Former-Employee

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