To the most inept accountant I've ever met...

So we're not paid on time again? Really? Even after you shifted our pay period permanently to a DAY EARLIER? Why is it every fucking time there's a holiday, here or elsewhere(this time around is apparently the fault of the "Family Day" in Ontario), do we get fucking screwed, usually without notice.

I spent all afternoon calling to tell my phone company, my student loan officer and various other bills to tell them YUP LATE AGAIN, and scrambling to prevent NSF charges. I'm sure everyone else at work had the same amount of fun. I'm tired of trying to keep a full set of bill money in my account in case of your fuckups and scrambling when I can't afford that damned buffer.

You are possibly the worst waste of space employee in the whole fucking establishment. You're snarky to other employees, you can't answer ANY question with certainty OR tell us why you can't get off your lazy ass to PAY US ON TIME(I won't even get started on your edict of having our vacation pay on a separate cheque being impossible). It's not because of fucking commission, it's not the fucking holidays. How do I know? The last accountant never paid us fucking late, and nobody else I know in ANY OTHER similar/different industry puts up with it. IT'S YOU AND WE KNOW IT.

---Borrowing money from friends, AGAIN

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