The Shitty Health Care System We Have

My better half has been suffering from an ailment for the past 22 months. We have done everything under the sun to try and get this fucking thing diagnosed. No luck, nada, sweet fuck all. The pain she suffers at times is unimaginable, dibilitating no less. Well today was the straw that broke my back. Had to rush her to the Emerg cause the pain was making her puke. Got there @ 7 AM. By 10 AM the hag @ the desk tells everybody that " we are backed up real bad ". Well that cleared the room real quick. She finally sees a Doc @ 11 AM, tells her that she's in no mortal danger, dopes her up and sends her on her way. What the fuck is wrong with this picture. I am totally fed up with this backward, cheap, resultless fucking Health Care System. They had her history, knew of the routes we have followed up to this point, but no, no new ideas, no new tests, just more dope and a shove out the door. To get an MRI around here, you might have to give a BJ to the fucker or fuckers that schedule this shit.Well fuck that, I'm buying our way to the front of the queue for one of those tests. Didn't want to but hey, shit's gotta go forward. Now let's all watch the defenders of this shitty Health Care System flood this thread with excuses, finger pointing, and more sad stories of over work, under pay. You get the idea. I wonder if that twit Joan Jessome has got the nerve to join in. Anyhoo, had to get that one off my chest. Let the insults, stories, excuses fly people

---Got The Cash To Buy Me An MRI

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