HRM's mayhem of mixed messages

I know most of you bitches will say, “If you don’t like it then leave,” and I forgive you, for you come by this perspective by following the example of your backward-thinking leaders. Isn’t it time we lift the wool from the eyes of the disenchanted HRM? “What the heck am I talking about?” you ask.

I get it now! It was in my face on CBC news the other day. Jim Nunn wanted to know what Dartmouth leadership had to say about 3 shootings in a single week. Exuding testosterone all over my television set the woman was so tough and so smug, she lectured how only people involved in criminal activity get shot so “if you don’t want to get shot don’t engage in criminal activity”. Can the blinders be lifted any higher on this “leader’s” face? What a pathetic, spineless stance for a democrat! On the very same day citizens in BC stage a large protest for the legalization of pot as a major step towards reducing violence on the streets. In the East they’d have innocents caught in the crossfire and do nothing but shrug while in the West there’s some forward thinking going on. What’s wrong with you people? Don’t you watch national/world news? Can you not learn from what has been effective elsewhere? Why would our leaders deny simple reality?

I shouldn’t have to say it but I will. What if the shooter missed and the bullet went right through the wall and killed the child sleeping, not “criminalizing”, in the adjacent apartment? That’s only one reason to not let criminals kill each other. What if your 14/15 year old child fell into the “wrong” crowd for a single day and ended up at a house after school where big brother is the big pot dealer? Our idiot leaders simply shrug hoping they’ll all kill each other and dam the children for living. Dam them again for learning!

I’m sorry. I don’t believe Canadians should do nothing while violence erupts in the city. My neighbours are dying and so are their children! Whether the leaders of Dartmouth admit it or not, people are afraid and they should be!

Mature men get mugged after dark in this town! Hello???

We have leaders who during one event fight the people who don’t want to see their road widened and during the next they’re raising the bridge tolls to “discourage driving”. Hello?

We have leaders who introduce law to enable crime fighters and in the next breath they say the criminals will take care of things by killing each other, no worries. Hello?

I find this mayhem of mixed messages unacceptable. Don’t you?

---Paying Attention

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