You don't like here ,LEAVE! Take your fucking degree and go to Alberta to be a fucking laborer ,yes making big bucks but at what expense?, going to University for 2 or 4 years to muck the oil fields.

You could of had the same jobs without going to school. I am pissed off because there are things here if you look around. My whole family have jobs here and making. $70,000 for a Teacher, Nurse $45,000 and Hairdresser?. There are not tons of people leaving here and the stats will bear that out if you care to look. We have about 939,460 people wwww,statcan.gc.ca and the truth is this Province has gained population which was around 3,500.and most ends up in Halifax over time and that is more than we lost except for you people that are about to leave You think thousands are leaving, you are fucking crazy because with a bit of math you would know otherwise. May god if you look around this city you would see apartments going up and condo's as well as housing.(Clayton park West for an example) People do not build these dwellings to have them sit empty. Actually Halifax is gaining population as small towns dwindle in population. We are experiencing a dash to our city and not just from here ,but from international locations. Developers don't waste money on a losing venture! and they probably don't have degrees up the asshole. Listen just because you have a piece of paper does not guarantee that you will have a job here or Hog Town and if you sit around here complaining about it you will never get a job no fucking how and if you want to waste that piece of paper and go to the Tar Sands,that makes you a failure at what you started.I will tell you a little tale about Alberta in the 1930's great depression that Province had shit and wind was blowing the sand around with the tumble weeds well my mom told me that during the great depression that these here Maritimes sent Alberta dried fish and and dried apples from the Annapolis valley and this is the fucking truth. Get up and leave and I know one thing if you were born here you will return here and think its wonderful. Been there done that!!!!!


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