Cut Me Off Will You?!

To the asshole who cut me off TWICE on Sackville Dr on Saturday... fuck you! Not only did you feel the need to come halfway into my lane when pulling intot he lane next to me, but you then felt the need to pull inbetween myself and the car in front of me when there was barely enough room and not use your signal light! Not only did my son's father have to hit the breaks but we also had our infant in the car you twat! Then, when we signal into the other lane, pass you, and signal back in front of you, you have the nerve to get out of your car at a red light in the middle of traffic and bang on the window threatening that if your wife wasn't with you, you'd kill us? You're a fucking idiot! If it wasn't for the fact that my son was in the car I would ahve given you a blast of shit myself, but I won't curse in front of my child and there wouldn't have been any civil words coming out of my mouth. Then, your cow of a wife actually had the nerve to write down the liscence plate number? Weather she actually WAS doing that or not, I don't know, but seriously, what would you do, callt he cops and say "hey I just cut this car off and then got out of my car ranting and raving like a lunitic"? I seriously think you need trafic school and anger management. Grow up, calm down, and get a life.

---You'll Kill Someone On The Highway With Your Roadrage

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