the fat chick who was KNITTING during [a very small] lecture today: get some fucking class- you cannot possibly know how stupid you looked (since you are oblivious to how RUDE that is) so here it is: you looked fucking retarded sitting there knitting- i needed a fucking spoon to dig my eyeballs out they rolled so far back in my head.

..the nice sales lady at the "Salon"- Yes, I know you're a "Salon"- silly, silly me for thinking you might sell "Salon" accessories.... seriously, get bent.

..the D-bag in the computer lab right now: the popped collar revolution is OVER. Repeat after me: guido is gay.

..ALL the sales people who wasted my time today while I was shoe shopping- I would fire your incompetant asses so fast for losing a sale/generally being retarded. My questions really were not that complicated... like... "do you have an 8.5 in this?" you MUST hear that 1,000 times a day so please don't look at me like I just asked you for crack... honestly.

--- jesus

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