Pick Your Partner. I Don't Care and I Don't Have To.

Be gay. I really don't care what you do with whom in your home as long as you and the people around you (including me, your neighbor) are safe. If you're happy and healthy I wish you more of the same. I care about all people. I wish none of us any harm.

When you ask me what I think of your lifestyle I think it's wrong. I have a lot of reasons for my opinion including a personal bias (heterosexuality) which I'm completely entitled to. I'm allowed to form opinions about healthy human behavior just as you are. If you don't want to know my opinion you don't have ask nor expose yourself to "public opinion" by way of chat boards, not watching news and so on but good luck with that. We're all part of the same society and society has the same rights to opinion as you and I do.

I don't impose on you nor do I embrace you despite what our government is being forced to do because there are so many of you catching on to this "fad" (an opinion). This is, indeed, a democracy where majority rules and minorities are treated with respect.

I'll respect your rights here in Canada but I don't approve of your lifestyle. Get over it.

PS Aside from inhalation there are fewer faster ways to absorb drugs and diseases alike than anal "injection".


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