To my elderly neighbor and your yappy shiatsu: You have seen my Boxer and my sheppard/lab mix dogs many times.. why the hell do you think it would be smart to OPEN my door and walk in my house WITH YOUR DOG to tell me that "when your dogs bark they scare my dog"

Your are lucky i had just closed the kennel and was on my way out the door... My dogs are very protective and anyone walking in my home is fair game! You little lady would of been lunch

yes they do bark ONCE to be let back in the house once they've done their business...that's what they have been trained to do, they don't even bark AT your dog, they don't even see him because of the bushes lining the fence!

Hate to burst your bubble but your little pocket pup barks also, I hear your dog more then my two large breed dogs. YAPYAPYAPYAPYAPYAP at anything. do i say walkin your house with my dogs?? no.. because its a dog and dogs bark..

If my dogs were outside for more then 5 minutes at a time and they barked nonstop i could see the problem. but they are not. its cold out and i like clean animals. they're outside to do business or we go to the park for them to play where there is more room to run.

Our yards are fenced and my dogs are on a lead outside because they can both clear the fence if they wanted to get out of the yard. I never let them bark more then once before i let them in. Its not my fault you have a mini dog scared of the world..


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