Nobody here seems to give a damn about OUR money

Dear Editor

Around the world people are furious over the platinum plated pension deals executives get. In Scotland it's, "Anger as Sir Fred pockets tax-free nest egg of £3m",( in the USA it's AIG executives and, as one person put it, why are they getting my money like this, they ran the company at a loss, for that they should get a bonus ( and of course here we have our own Sir Fred MacGillivary and his million dollar plus deal. The difference here is nobody with the power to do seems to have any intention anything anything. Fred ran his government department on an annual deficit continually looking for more money day to day. He couldn't even run a multimillion dollar gate Stones concert without city tax dollars. What did he do to deserve our tax dollars and just who set up and OK'd this diamond studded deal for him? Doesn't anybody on Hollis St or at City Hall give a damn what happens to our tax dollars? Let's start with a full audit and investigation into Fred's Commonwealth games deal. How did donated goods turn into leased goods? If the local companies' donations to the games were in kind rather than cash who paid the half million for the junket the Mayor and others took to the Melbourne Games? Let's get some answers about our money.

---Bruce DeVenne

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