Line-Jumping Scum

Hey, fucko. Yeah you. The one with your stupid face painted up all nice and green for St Patrick's Day waiting outside The Split Crow.

Guess what? We're all fucking cold, alright? We all want to get another drink. But there's a fucking line, and you're behind me in it. You think you can sneak and push and eventually barge your way through to the front because you're... what? A doctor on a medical emergency call? Delivering a rush shipment of Guinness to the bar? Our lord Jesus Christ Almighty? Or are you just an ignorant fuckwit who doesn't give two flying ones about the basic way that society hangs together? I bet I know the answer, and I don't think you'll be turning water into wine anytime soon, will you son? If you're so cold, put on a fucking jacket. It's Halifax, in March, at night. Wrap up or man up, dickhead.

Oh, and if you want to abbreviate it, it's "St. Paddy's Day", not "St. Patty's Day" you bloody idiots. If you're going to appropriate Ireland's Saints day the least you could do is fucking pay attention.

---Seething Queuer

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