The not so Bright Haligonians

This goes out to all the dumb asses who think the following

1. When Halifax Women place a profile on a sex site, don't expect to get other than emails from people just looking for that.

2. When placing a profile on a site, for some reason you get replies from people outside of this province. In the entire 2 years a profile was up, all I got was msgs from prostitutes!

2. When you don't supply a photo, don't demand one, you have no right to that. When people don't supply one, it doesn't make them creepy and stalkers (mentality of most Halifax Women)

4. LuluLemon is Gay. Women by all means can wear that and flaunt it. Men, please stop wearing that crap, I don't want to stare at your ass or crotch all day! Like serious, only in NS!!!!

5. 300lbs doesn't translate to "a little bit of meat on my bones", You're fat, accept it and live with it!!!!

6. Stop staring at married women, in fact, stop staring at women like a bunch of hungry wolves, for god's sake there's porn available and it's free like there's no tomorrow!

7. When being msged on an online profile, have the decency to reply. When replied to your msg after you initiate the conversation, please have the decency to reply.

8. Being in the service industry doesn't entitle you to a TIP!!! In fact, you shouldn't get one, I sit and do my job all day and get paid per hour, but no one tips me, why should I tip you?!

9. Asking for something and being nice goes a long way.

Finally, 10. To all the dumb chicks that think they're all that in here, well let's just say that nova scotian women are by far the least attractive in all of North America, Go to different online dating sites and see for yourselves!!! It's actually hilarious!!!

---Talk about full of yourselves!!!

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