I am one of the lucky people who is privileged enough to drive a car. I also own a cell phone. Now, at the tender age of 20, I understand the fact that I am not allowed to talk on the phone while driving; not only do I understand it, I completely agree with it because talking on your cell phone IS dangerous..

My bitch is with the handfuls of GROWN adults (35+) I see driving down Quinpool & other busy streets while on their cell phones, but you see, they aren't breaking the law (wink wink) because, why?! Oh..because they are holding their cell phone AWAY from their face and not holding it up to their ear.

Seriously, people? I've seen SO many people doing this. Holding the phone, talking on the phone, or texting on the phone while driving is the dangerous part and holding the phone a foot from your face while driving thinking you are somehow avoiding the law is seriously RIDICULOUS and DANGEROUS. So, put the cell phones DOWN or get a Bluetooth device (even still, you will be a distracted driver but at least both hands will be on the wheel, not a foot away from your face holding a cell phone). My life (and the lives of other drivers & pedestrians) is more important than whatever shit is being said on the other end of your phone.


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