Piss-poor manager

How the fuck did you end up in management?? It boggles my mind each and every day as i watch you fumble through another 8 hours doing god knows what. You have no idea how any of the systems here work, you don't even know how to do MY job, do you? Of course you continuously fake it through that over-ambitious job title of yours, pretend to know everything, and let all of the male employees push you around because you're scared shitless to stand up to any of them. Do you have ANY leadership skills or valueable qualities? Can you even READ?? It makes me sick to my stomach to think of how much you must get paid just to gab on the phone and watch newfie jokes on Youtube all day. I'm so embarassed and ashamed to call you my boss...crying, in fact.

---Dazzled by your sheer stupidity

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