Stop Feeding Your Kids Crap!

If I see one more commercial depicting a doting mom feeding her busy youngster a nice bowl of canned pasta for lunch (one full serving of vegetables in every can!), I'm going to blow a fuse. On one hand, childhood obesity is epidemic, and on the other hand, bulemia and other eating disorders are rampant among teenage girls. Clearly, kids aren't learning healthy eating habits.

I stand in line at the grocery store, and almost without exception I see carts full of frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, instant this and instant that. And the TV tells us this is healthy food. For fuck sake, it's not even FOOD! I'm not a chemist, so I don't know if this is true, but I read that Cheeze Whiz is chemically more similar to plastic than it is to cheese. Here's a tip: cheese is spelled with an S. Any product that is spelled "cheeZe" is NOT CHEESE. It may contain cheese, but it is not cheese. Remember the Simpson's episode where the school was giving the kids "malk"? I'm pretty sure that was a parody of "cheeze".

I especially hate the commercials that imply the mom is a "stay at home mom". It's midday, clearly in the family home, with no other adults around. 'Cause we all know stay-at-home moms are the best kind. The one's who REALLY care about their kids. And if Chef Boyardee is good enough for them, it must be good enough for us lesser moms. Well, I never had the luxury of staying home with my kids for more than a few months. But I always found the time to feed them actual food. Yes, it takes more time to cut some cheese off a block than it takes to peel the plastic off a slice of cheeZe. It takes longer to make a pot of soup than it takes to open a can. But that's part of the job. If adults want to eat crap, that's our choice. We have no right to feed it to our kids, especially as a regular diet. Look around and see what it's doing to them.

---Your Mom

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