I don't own a car, walk or cycle everywhere, and have always supported pedestrian and cyclist rights & initiatives. But: to all the cyclists I see going against the one-way on Charles street - at least two or three a day: please stop! And don't even try to be indignant when a vehicle almost smacks you when they turn onto the street to find you heading straight for them. And to all the people going the wrong way on Charles that I don't see - and I know there must be a lot of you: same. And to all the cyclists I see and don't see doing all sorts of dumb stuff all over town - going the wrong way, sailing through red lights, stop signs and pedestrian crosswalks, moving way too fast on crowded sidewalks etcetera etcetera: just stop it! I used to staunchly defend cyclists whenever some obnoxious driver started the usual rant about 'cyclists should get off the road blah blah,' but now, to be honest, I find myself saying 'Yeah, well, a lot of cyclists do dumb shit but we're not all bad...' Pretty weak. It's hard to defend our rights when so many of us blatantly abuse them. But it's really not so hard to obey traffic laws.


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