Misleading ads

It drives me nuts when people post ads (in and on the usual venues) for motorcycles, who's main selling point is that it is a "great beginner bike." Since when is a 600-750cc a great beginners bike? Since never.

Yes,I know there will flames about someone who started cold on one, had never ridden anything else, survived just fine yadda yadda. That is not the statistical norm, and f*!&%$g dangerous to assume that hopping on a 100+hp bike capable of reaching speeds of 200 kph in second flat is safe for beginners. The correct demographic for these bikes should be seasoned riders. Not everyone is working their way up to 1900cc's of two wheel fun. Some experienced riders actually prefer midsized bikes for their daily commutes and just plain fun. What they are not is starter or beginning bikes. If you or a friend is looking to start riding, take a saftey course first..they will set you on the right path. Do not buy a bike before you take the course, as they provide them. Once you graduate the course, you will have a clearer idea of what your comfort zone will be. Yes, you can be thrilled and comfortable at the same time.


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