To my boss

You are aweful. You are condenscending, rude, bullying and hurtful. You belittle your staff to tears on a weekly basis and you have each of us looking for new jobs. You can not take an ounce of advice from your so called "managers", and you insist on micromanaging everything right down to the letter for every single project that we are hired and paid good money to perform. I am certain that it is not a good use of company money to take a salary, basically do our jobs for us as well as your own and still pay us competitive salaries while bitching at us the entire time.

I try to be polite to you, and 99 percent of hte time I bite my tongue and respond to you politely despite your hanging up the phone in my ear, sending me curt, hurtful and rude emails, telling me off in front of my colleagues and talking about my colleagues to me behind their back. My wick is burning short on the politeness however and soon you will see a lot more of my mean side. It's a two way street here hunny and I can dish it out to you jsut like you can to me. I am just a better person and try my hardest not to say anythign out of line or mean spirited.

Just because you are an "open minded"individual and you do attain your work related goals does not give you any right to treat us the way you do. You complain about the average 24 month turn over and how you can't figure out why it is as such. Do you need me to record one of your staff lectures (calling them a meeting would be inaccurate) and play it back to you? No wonder every job here has been vacated atleast once and in somce cases twice in the last year. These arent low end jobs either - we are all experienced, educated professionals and we have always performed our jobs well.

One day you will cross the wrong person - someone who will put you in your spot. I have seen people come close and it was so rewarding. You have major self control issues.

---Job Hunter

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