Pay your employees for their time

This bitch is directed at the retail store I visited last night: Pay your employees for their time spent at work after the store actually closes to customers. They shouldn't be so pressured to get everything done before the store closes that they ignore customers. Maybe the store would make some sales in that last half hour instead of driving their customers away.

I walked into a certain ladie's clothing store at 8:25pm last night with a friend - 35 minutes before closing time. We were treated like we were invisible because the CSR were rushing around preparing to close the store already. Offenses include: whisking a dress from the end of a rack while my friend and I were actively talking about me trying it on/buying it, making a rude comment when my friend asked for a few different sizes of shoe to try on ("Well, can you pick on 'cause I'm not bringing out six boxes"), and generally making us feel like our presence was unwelcome. We walked out at 8:35pm with no purchases. We would potentially have spent $200 between the two of us.

I want to close by saying I used to work in retail and I remember wanting to get out as soon as possible because we wouldn't be paid for any time after the store closes, but I NEVER made my customers feel like I was made to feel last night.

--- appropriately timed shopper

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