Mommy please don't walk in front of oncoming traffic when I'm on your back!!

Mommy when you and daddy and Rover take me for a walk to the Commons and I'm on your back and you push a cross walk button... PLEASE WAIT... WAIT... STOP... LOOK .. and make sure there's no on coming traffic... WAIT till the light changes Mommy... PLEASE... DON'T charge out in front of the cars laughing and smiling. YES those people beeped the horn at you. There were two lanes of traffic heading for US and you blatently walked out before the cross walk light changed Mommy they still had a green light!!. YOU my dear mother are putting me YOUR innocent child at risk.. if you like walking in front of on coming traffic please do it alone. But dont be like Britney Spears or Michael Jackson and put me...your precious child at risk. And.. looking at a car/truck or bus and laughing really doesn't stop traffic mommy. Maybe that man was right when he hollared YOU SHOULD HAVE THAT CHILD REMOVED because most mommies and daddies wouldnt take that risk... The woman nicely said out the car window.. SISTER dont walk in front of cars for your child's sake... you said.. it's no big deal... well hmmm it sort of is mommy..


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