Geek To Sheek

To the buff man with the big shoulders who prowls about a certain dating site playing games with everyone you need to stop. I know your type geek in high school works out a little and then gets cute, but you turn into an ass hole. You meet all these people online and you are nice to them, but you never meet anyone in person you always come up with a bull shit story and drop them and go onto the next one a week later. Its all a numbers game to you, see how many people find you cute, because no one did in high school and everyone made fun of you.

The thing is you are no better then the people who picked on you in high school. You are doing the same thing as they did, fuck around with people's minds. The thing is people are smart and they will see right through you, and like high school you are going to be alone the rest of your life.

Picking on people sucks, it can ruin people's lives and you are no better because you are just like them.

---No To THe Bully

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