Shame on you

To the assholes with the golden dog that barks incessantly day and night - if you can't treat an animal right, don't have one! It's breaking my heart right now listening to the pitiful whining and howling as the miserable creature is left out in the pouring rain (tonight, Sunday, and last Friday night too). Can't you hear him?? Don't you have a heart?? Or did you take off to party somewhere and just left him to fend for himself? ... And if you do ever take the time to pay attention to him (other than to let him run through everyone else's yards where he's sure to step on something in that shitpile and hurt himself), do you think you could try training him not to bark for HOURS at a time? It sucks to come home after a hard day of work and try to relax with the neverending barking in the background.

---Fed up with the selfishness

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