To tag or not to tag?

Okay I think I'm confused, or I missed the signs.

While shopping at a local food mart with the lovely plastic bins and scoops (and bags and tags). I was having a grand time, exploring a new large location. From bin to bin I proceeded, some trail mix here, some spices there, little bags of different foods. I was carefully recording the two to four digit code on the handy little white tags with a pencil as I filled my basket.

Upon reaching the cashier (a friendly smilin' girl) I was happy at my finds including some oil packed sun dried tomatoes and a colorful vegetable pasta to make a pasta salad for supper.

As she rang through my purchases, the cashier smiled and remarked on the 2nd bag - "You didn't need to write the codes on everything. We recognize most products and we look for them" (as she looks at the list -which is on a wheel for convenience- for the name of the mix in the bag she held).

But why did she bother looking it up on the list, when the four digit code was on the tag on the bag she held. She was looking right at it telling me she didn't need it.

When I worked as a cashier in a grocery chain in downtown Calgary, I had to first complete a four day unpaid training school in a SE warehouse where I had to be dressed for work and learn to do cash and pack bags. I was tested on over 200 codes for produce and things such as loose bread products. Also learned counting back change by hand without the cash register. Wasn't a big problem for me to learn the codes.

Okay I digress but yeah does anyone else understand the reasoning behind what happened with her not reading the codes off the tags and searching for them on the wheel/list, or was she trying to teach me a lesson, or wtf lol. Doesn't really matter I guess. I wasn't mad or anything - nice enough girl but yeah I'm confused. Guess I will know better next time...

---sorry I bothered......

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