ignorant driver!!

I was walking with my mom BEHIND the SS & CT parking lot today around the Killam properties ( by Quinpool), right before you hit the corner to get to the store.. there were 2 girls walking with smooties, pop or something, there's no cross walk but there is a speed bump.. the girls begin to cross, no cars coming.. or not close enough to hit them. when they were about half way across..

this bitch in a gold-ish colored car sped up and then honked because they were 'in the way' i guess you could call it that. usually people slow down for speed bumps!! jeez. so if that bitch of a driver was paying attention she should have saw them long before she got that close to them. listen lady.. you're in a fucking parking lot, in a rush? why.. dunno? but if you have enough time to pull into the parking lot & go into the store you should have enough time to let those poor girls you were giving crazy eyes to, cross over to the sidewalk. i cannot stand it when drivers think they can do what they want cause their in a car that is bigger than everyone walking. you're fucking rude and i wish someone would do that to you so you can see how it feels to be put second, probably never will because you're lazy ass is driving and on your way to obesity.

if you cannot drive properly, you should be ordered to walk like the rest of us students who don't have parents paying for our vehicles

p.s. short brown haired bitch with over sized aviators, just because those girls didn't have the nicest clothes ( which they weren't all that bad ) or a car to drive, doesn't mean they are less of a human and as far as I am concerned they are 10 times more beautiful ladies than you are or ever will be.

Glad you 2 girls still smiled after that,I would have been pissed!

---only a matter of time before you hurt or kill someone

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