My Spidey Sense Is.... Overwhelmed.

Has anyone else noticed the apparent increase in the population and size of the spiders, most notably the black "beach rock" spiders, this spring?

While enjoying a beautiful walk on the boardwalk in Eastern Passage today with my dog, I encountered countless fuzzy creepy crawlies along the rocks. Luckily, my trusty brute of a dog was able to bound ahead and bravely shoo said crawlies away. Or, he just wanted to eat the little suckers, who cares really? the point is, they were gone in time for me to pass.

Anyway, my bitch isn't so much about spiders, which are a necessary evil in my mind, it's about arachnophobia. How the hell did I manage to end up allowing a teeny little creature that generally does good, potentially ruin an otherwise peaceful and perfect walk along the shore? There is one section of boardwalk I may have to cut out, at least temporarily, until the spiders die off, or something. After today, my heart has enough of the constant barrage that comes with sudden spidey-sightings!

Frig arachnophobia, and frig the fact that I try and try and can't frigging well just get over it!


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