Cosmetics students

Yes YOU, you obnoxious bunch of idiot girls who sit at the back of the 51 every morning. Do you HAVE to talk to each other so fucking LOUD? Or, if you're going to pump up the volume, can't you at least pick interesting topics once in a while? Maybe something political or have some sort of educational debate? This morning i sat close to your little annoying posse, and when the battery died in my ipod, i died a little inside along with it. There i sat, listening to you talk about this girl and that girl, about the size of your teeth, and how they're 'too big' to have bejeweled. (Seriously!??) THEN you have the nerve to start whispering to each other about other people on the bus? I'd love to hear you say something about me out loud, becuase i can promise you, those big-assed teeth of yours will be knocked right into the fucking harbour.

---Cranky without my music.

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