Traffic Line Jumpers

Thsi is for all the so called "Drivers" in the City of Halifax who feel that they should not need to wait in line with the rest of us as we wait to get to where we want to go. There are many areas in the HRM where I see this happening but will point out a couple that really piss me off. On the highway after work behind Penhorm Mall waiting to take the exit to Portland Street during rush hour. Moast times the traffic in the right hand lane is backed up a half KM as people wait to get onto the off ramp to head towards Cole Harbour. Yet time and time again I see idiots racing past me and putting their right signal light on and squeezing in front of everyone else. What the fuck makes you so special?! I have been sitting there for 10 minutes moving at a snail's pace. Yet you think you are so fucking special that you should just go to the front of the line. Do these brainless morons think that we are all just sitting in line because we enjoy the view? I think that everyone should band together and just not let these enitlest mornons into line.

---Fed Up with Idiots

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