Didn't ruin my day, but...

As I approached the bus stop on SGR at South Park this afternoon, there were two buses, Bus A and Bus B, idling at the curb. I walked up to the door of Bus B, because it was closer to me, and I thought Bus A might be about to depart. The driver of Bus B glared at me through the closed door and gestured at the bus in front. I thought that was odd, since both buses said "1 Spring Garden" on the sign, both had passengers on board, and both were stopped at a bus stop. But whatever. I started walking toward Bus A, which promptly took off, followed immediately by Bus B. And where there had been two buses a moment before, there were now none. None, not coincidentally, was also the number of buses that I was on. It wasn't a big deal. There's a bus along SGR every couple of minutes in the late afternoon. But am I alone in finding this unneccessarily prickish? I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so if there are any MT drivers reading this who can suggest a plausible explanation that doesn't involve the driver of Bus B being a straight up prick, please enlighten me.

---easygoing commuter.

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