President Bush's Pronounced Book a Farce?

Should Ex-President Bush's Book be Categorized as Fiction or True Crime? Hey, what's up all?!

I'm a local blogger in Halifax NS, and just wanted to get this debateable topic off my chest.

I just got word that the 43rd Ex President of the United States, George W. Bush is planning on publishing a book about the 12 hardest decisions he made during the 8 year term he spent in the Oval Office as President (thank god Barack Obama replaced that S.O.B. swiftly).

Honestly, people, how should Bush's manuscript be categorized (if it IS published), in the genre's of comedy, true crime, fiction, non-fiction, horror, historic, or just downright burned and not even published at all? I mean, really - who the fuck in this world would want to read shit all about that war crimes murderer? Probably everything in it is exaggerated and bullshit anyway to please the public with a "fictional" light on Bush, when he is nothing but the Dracul -- the son of the devil in many people's eyes.

I'll leave this question open to the blogging public, and check back with y'all with a verdict.

C ya!

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---A Bitcher in Halifax

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