the sounds of summer

aaahhhh - the delightful sounds of summer: crickets chirping away at dusk, june bugs tapping gently against a lighted window, children's carefree laughter as they play in their yards....and, oh yes - there it is! the moron with the noisy chopper who loves to gun his engine in front of my home every summer, night and day. now, i understand that having an extremely, ridiculously small penis can be upsetting, and that he thinks having a deafiningly loud motorcycle will somehow make up for his shortcomings, but there are other ways to fight the embarrassment! i wonder if he has considered plastic surgery to enlarge the size of his small, miniscule member. then again, they say you can't make a mountain out of a molehill (or an anthill, as we are obviously talking here). if i were him, i'd be nervous that the vibration of my ride would run the risk of shaking the little guy to death. after all, being so small and delicate, he's probably easy to injure. i hope mr. chopper knows that good things come in small packages, and that not all women in his life will laugh hysterically and uncontrollably when he reveals himself. he just hasn't found the right girl yet, i guess....

---sick to death of the noise!!!!!!!

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