What is wrong with people!

I'm trying to purchase a motorbike and decided to check what we have for used around the province.

I'll give you some stats and you be the judge. I have no idea who's buying these bikes but they're idiots for doing so.

A decent Yamaha Cruiser (New at the Dealer) goes for $7999 with a $300 rebate, so that makes it 7699. Fine and dandy. Comes with 1 year warranty, fully inspected, brand new parts and 0km.

I see 2006 and 2007 used yamahas that are the same exact model, with over 1000 km on them, no warranty left for over $7000. I swear I saw on on kijiji for 7500. What the hell is wrong with you? how can you sell your used bike for the same price as a new one?

I guess the myth about kijiji is true. It's nothing but crap on there when it comes to bikes.

I checked moncton kijiji, bikes on there are at least $1000-1500 cheaper than in NS!!! so obviously it isn't a maritimes thing, just a nova scotian thing.

I've already made my dicision anyway, I'm getting a new one from the dealer. If I'm only saving a few 100 bucks on a used one, why bother.

Nova Scotia, used bikes are USED. God only knows what you did with it. They're not worth as much as new ones!!!


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