Did that just happen...

For the person who is forcing their dog to urinate and defecate on their balcony which is made of spaced wood planks and is directly above their neighbour's....you thoroughly disgust me. I was out on my friend's balcony which is directly across the street from your apartment having a beer when I see your patio door open up and your dog (hanging his/her head low) emerge. Being a dog lover and owner myself I watched him thinking he might be coming out to lay in the sun...boy was I wrong. Apparently this is where your poor pooch is supposed to do his/her business. My friends and I watched in utter shock and number's 1 and 2 rained and hailed down on the balcony below yours which yes sadly housed not only patio furniture but a BBQ. Cruel and disgusting. From the looks of his/her face the dog knew it was wrong. So should you!! How lazy, disrespectful and cruel are you...this is wrong on so many levels.

---Pooper Snooper

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