hey dartmouth bridge terminal guy....fuck you

Man am I ever happy I don't live in Dartmouth anymore I've been living elsewhere for two months now and never really complained about the fact that dickheads yelled,threatned, and glared at you the entire time your over in dartmouth.

however this time I go to my old apartment to pick up my damage deposit and I'm standing the bridge terminal waiting for the one when all the sudden this 19ish maybe 20 year old with blonde hair wearing a grey sweater walks up to me with a bag in his hand and asks me if I want to buy some barely used timberland shoes or somthing i didnt quite catch it but it was to help him buy something else I have no cash just the damage deposit cheaque which i need to put towards my little girls school savings so i politely told him no sorry i dont have cash and i walk away next thing i hear him scream thanks alot you fucker!!! i turned around to give him a puzzeled look and im met with him glaring at me yelling that im not a decent enough fucker to help him buy something and he continued to rant on about me until i walked away

I told you i didnt have cash sorry if that pissed you off but theres no need to start screaming at me in public anybody else deal with this crap in dartmouth? happens only when im there it seems

---quite happy elsewhere

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