just need to throw this out there...

A message to all you "individuals" out there:

A carefully calculated image does not demonstrate your individuality.

If you want to set your self apart from the rest of the herd then why don't you try....wait for it.....

being yourself!

or maybe perhaps working on enhancing your character, abilities, or intelligence. Your image does not define your being and people are hip to your game...they can spot you a mile away.

Hey, I love clothing and fashion...I adore frequenting thrift stores to see what interesting finds I can discover, but when that is the only thing you have to define yourself by then there is a definite problem.

Come on guys! If you put even half the effort into growing as people as you do into figuring out which scarf, belt, shirt, pair of jeans, hair style will make you appear the most indie, anti-authority, artistic, athletic, wealthy etc... there would be so much more for us to celebrate.

Diversity is an amazing thing...but only if it is authentic.

---Free to be me

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