Don't park on the Sidewalk!

For some reason, brain dead drivers seem to think it's okay to park on the sidewalk at the Tacoma street liquor store. Why? They pull up off the parking lot roadway, probably thinking they can't park in the road, so to move out of the way of other cars, they pull up onto the sidewalk. Where pedestrians are walking(odd place for us to be, I know, but us walkers are totally freaky). There's even been some big yellow posts put up to stop this from happening, which shows how often it happens, but there was a few feet of space between the liquor store and the grocery store that didn't get any put in, so that's where the drivers still head for. Apparently, they haven't clued in to why the posts were put up. They must think that was left for their special parking needs.

News flash- it's illegal to park on sidewalks! And yes, you are parked. Leaving your buddy in the passenger seat while the car is still running and you run into the store, still qualifies as parked. Any time you shift into the "P" gear, you are parked, whether it's for twenty minutes or twenty seconds. Even if it wasn't considered parked- it's a freakin' sidewalk, cars do not belong there!

What if you hit somebody? Which one came close to doing to me the other day. I'd love to hear your defense when the police come- "geez, officer I honestly thought I was allowed to park on the sidewalk. I didn't expect there to be people walking there."

There's a whole parking lot there to use, just because you're only popping in to buy some booze, does not give you permission to do stupid things. And it is stupid. And thoughtless.

---Po'd Pedestrian

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