Spring/Summer Guidelines 2009

Well, spring is here and summer will be shortly upon us. Seeing that, the office of Haligonians For Common Sense has published a short lost of guidelines for the spring/summer seasons. Allow me to share three tips that I find that need to be reviewed year over year.

Tip 1: This is directed to all of the people who feel that even though it is warmer, they still do not need to clean themselves. Fact is, sweat makes you smell like a bucket of KFC after 4 days of being in the sun. Please, shower regularly. It's a simple process. Failing that, please apply more deodorant.

Tip 2: This is directed at the ladies, young and old. Yes, white is a nice cool colour. It reflects the heat as opposed to storing it, and therefore makes life more bearable on those days that the humidex reaches 35. However, when choosing a white garment please consider choice of undergarment colour. Just because you can wear black panties/bra with those pants doesn't mean you should. Use discretion. Also, it's not attractive for anyone, be you 20 years old or 45.

Tip 3: Not to be sexist, here is a tip for the guys out there. Right, we get it. It's hot and the layer of fur that keeps you warm during the winter has become a burden. That does not mean you should shed your shirt. No one thinks you're attractive. That beer belly does not make it any better as well as the fur covering your back. To those guys who are lucky enough to not have an undershirt made of hair, this still applies. Your pale, unsightly skin is unfortunate and so is that faded tribal tattoo you got 5 years ago.

As always, use your best judgment during the spring/summer months. So apply some common sense, put some sunscreen on, and enjoy the weather!

---Authorized Agent of Haligonians for Common Sense

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