Toilet woes.

My office has one washroom. It's one of those single stalled jobs, which can be pretty nice when nature calls and you have to drop trow and pinch an afternoon loaf. It's also nice not to have to make stupid chit chat with the lady in accounting while i'm mid-stream. I'm a huge fan of our lovely private washroom.

My problem, however, is with those who seem to leave a trail of disgust behind them after each trip to the pot. I'm constantly finding random pubes and drops of urine on the seat, and quite often the inside of the toilet bowl is left looking like a 4 year old went apeshit with the brown crayola. We're all adults here people, but for the love of god, can you please clean up after yourselves?? It's just plain rude to leave behind these little reminders of what last transpired in there.

The next person to leave thier splattered bum-coffee in the toilet will be punted across the Burnside business park. There's a toilet brush in the cupboard. Use it.

---Your friendly co-shitter.

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