Ever hear of twins??

Guess what, not everyone knows who you are and after our little run in, I'd bet not a whole lot of people would readily admit knowing you either.

You have a passing (like you pass her in the hall at work) acquaintance with my sister, my identical twin sister. You may have heard of them before??

So yesterday, when you thought you saw her walking in the park and came up to say "Hi", you were a bit surprised at the reaction you got. It wasn't rude, but it was a smile and a casual "Hi" back - like the friendly "Hi" you say to strangers when you pass them on the street. The next phase of our interaction wasn't that bad either, you asked how such and such was going at work - I then very politely told you, that Oh, you must mean *Suzie*, I'm her twin sister. People confuse us a lot, I'll tell her you said Hi. You then proceeded to loudly proclaim - BULLSHIT, I know Suzie really well, she doesn't have a twin sister, I work with her and I'd know. Stop f**king around! Yeah, OK pal, sure you know her really well, if you did, you'd know she had at the very least a sister. I kinda smiled back - you know the smile you give people who are off their rocker, and started to walk away. You should have left it at that, but no, you had to shout after me, See you later BITCH! I'm gonna tell everyone at work what a asshole you are.

Didn't know you before this, sad that I know you exist now. Really feel bad that my sister has to be in the same building with you.

---We're not one person.

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