Ungrateful Bitch

You were new in our workplace and you were even new in town. You knew no one here and you were all alone. Everyone at work including me could tell that you were shy and lonely and that you were looking to make new friends. But *I* was the only one who made an effort to be friendly with you! Everyone else didn't even bother with you, but I included you, I invited you to hang out with me and my friends on the weekends, I encouraged you to come to our work parties. I even suggested to our co-workers that they should make you feel more welcome (and not ignore you)! We became good friends, and you also hit it off with my friends. But ever since you came out of your fucking shell at work (within the last month or so), you proceeded to socialize with our other co-workers-- the very same ones who made no effort to befriend you or make you feel at home-- and now you barely talk to me! Nowadays, you blow me off and spend your weekends with them! WTF! On top of that, this weekend I found out that you had a little get-together, and didn't even bother to invite ME!! Well, you know what? Fuck you! Don't ever ask me for another favour ever again, you just lost a true friend! And if your *other* friendships (and I'm sure they will, because I know some of the co-workers you ditched me for, and they are total DOUCHES!!) ever fall through for some reason, don't fucking come crawling back to me! I can't be bothered with bullshit from people who just take-take-take!I'm done with you!!!

---Why Do I Bother?

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