Maritimes Whining about No "good" jobs on the East Coast

Seriously. If I have to hear one more person from the East Coast bitch about how there are no quality jobs for them...I'm gonna snap. I lived in Halifax for most of my life. Once I turned 22 I realized that the city DIDN'T have any great jobs. So I picked up my ass and moved somewhere that did. I'm now 29 and STILL living in Toronto. Working as a VP for an advertising firm.

If you don't like the unemployment line or your current job, here's a tip...MOVE. Do any of you even realize how many great cities across this country might have something to offer you? Gonna miss your family/friends/home too much? Grow up. There are many methods of transportation. And even...this might blow your mind maritimers, but they even have phones that you can bring with you. ANYWHERE.

Stop bitching, grab your panties, update the resume, and get on with life.

---Still A Maritimer, just not on the coast.

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