Horrible Neighbours

I have a few things to say about you. First, I am sick of cleaning up my yard after your huge dog. He is allowed to roam free and often gets into my garbage, even though there is no food waste in it. After the 7th or 8th time I really started to hate you. Now, we have rocks on our bins and he is going to hurt himself if he even tries.

Second, and by far way worse, why do you think it is OK to pollute our tiny seaside community with your diesel trucks everyday? Did you ever think to ask your neighbours if we minded you having over 10 trucks a day ramble down our street,, airbrakes squealing? It starts at 7am and ends at 7pm, 7 days a week. I don't think you have many friends on this road.

Your house is an eyesore. A few weeks back, when you had that fire in the woods in front of your house, I almost wished it would reach your house. I am never that hateful.

Now what is up with all the rusty junk in your yard? It's 8:30am and you are moving it around. It is my day off but NO, I can't sleep in because you need to move your pile of rust. Lovely.

The last thing I am going to rant about is your unneighbourly-ness... I have waved to you as you have driven by my house many times and you are either disrespectful, full of yourselves or just plain assholes for not waving back. It's a small community, it's what we do here. You cause us so much grief, it's the least you can do.

---Your Angry Neighbour

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