One of the Most Stupid Reasons to NOT Date Someone

To the guy who rejected me: Okay, you rejected me, I'll get over it and find another (better) man. It's your own loss. What I find hilarious and fucking ridiculous is the sole reason *why* you didn't want me. I am smart, successful and fun to be with. I'm in very good shape with a toned "hourglass" figure, I have very symmetrical facial features, acne-free skin...need I go on? I won't lie, I'm not exactly undatable.

Your reason for turning down my dinner invitation: I HAVE FRECKLES! "I'm not really into girls with a lot of freckles", you told me. Am I the only one who finds this absolutely ridiculous? Granted, some people don't like freckles (and some do). But for fuck's sake, you would honestly prefer to date a really fat, lazy chick with a big nose and bad acne (for example) as long as she didn't have any fucking freckles???!!!!! No wonder you've been single for over a year, dumb shit!

---I have Freckles, so fucking what!

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