Has anyone noticed the lack of thought put into road construction and repair in Halifax lately?

I'm sure many of you have seen that Bayview drive in Clayton Park is being worked on, but so far they have only paved the middle part of that street, which is used as a main throughfair, esepecially at rush hours. The lower portion from Gateway drive down to the Bedford Hwy has not been repaved (yet, I will stand corrected iF the city finishes the job this summer)and is torn to shreds so badly that drivers (including myself) have to go on the other side of the road to avoid destroying our cars! Now have you ever heard of WoodWard st? No, of course not, why would you? If you don't live on this tiny little street with about 40 homes why would you ever drive on it? It's a road to nowhere, it goes from one part of Plateau cresent to another and it's not even a short cut! But you know what, they just got a brand spanking new paved road, not down to bedrock mind you, but not tarred and graveled either, it's got a beautifully smooth surface and some wicked curves to cuise around, and you can see for yourself how nice it is by driving up Bayview from the Bedford Hwy and going straight through the intersection with Lacewood and up the hill, (that's Clayton Park Dr, right past Duc Danville school, take your first left on Plateau, which is a mess as well, and take your first right onto Woodward, can't miss it, it's the one with the shiney new surface just waiting to be driven on, hey there's an idea, why don't we all just go for a drive on this little street and see what the city could do if they wanted, only took 2 days! And see how many complaints the city gets from residents that their little street is being used as a throughfair! I digress, so once you get back to Plateau cres, take a right and you come to Glenforest ave, this street, which is a throughfair and only about 100 meters away from Woodward is a shambles and is in desparate need of replacement, they patched it again this year, but already most of the patches have fallen out, doesn't matter if you turn left or right, but the lane going down to lacewood is worse and again one has to drive on the other side of the road to avoid destroying your car! Anyone else have examples of city officials just not thinking related to road work? Post your responces here!

---Sick of hitting Potholes!!

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